Letter From the Office Manager

Letter From the Office Manager


For a long time now, I have felt it’s time to bring new energy to this space. I have always considered myself a creative- I created 4 beautiful children, created a business that allows me freedom of expression and ability to utilize some of my artistic aspects. I create in the garden, in the kitchen, and in the way I renovate properties or dress in the morning. I have come to realize through vulnerability my creativity can come out in a big way through the course of both writing AND sharing, that process is intrinsically restorative. I suppose I need a place to put my words- Ill admit I have been afraid to use this space as a place to be seen. I suppose “fear of judgement” is the root of this block, its intimidating to reveal the richer side of myself. What if it I’m rejected, what if no one connects to it…..what if no one reads it? I’m reminded creative writing has given me an outlet to connect to myself, while I know I’m not for everyone one, I accept that is ok- because I am enough for me. I intuitively feel its time to “trust- fall” into the ethers of this page and let myself relate to our audience in an honest way. I’m feeling inspired to express myself sincerely, giving myself permission to create freely when I feel called, and accepting it most likely will be inconsistent. To authentically share when I feel the organic surge of creative energy move through me in an inspiring way, without pressure to perform, or pressure to create a new identity but to organically unfold my true-self-unedited, in the spirit of connection-that seems liberating. Maybe where the resistance dwells is where the compass points to my higher purpose, on the other side of the discomfort there will be freedom. Welcome to Blog #1.

Circle of Life

Typically, winter tends to be a calmer time of year in Real Estate which leaves me with the privilege of time. Time for reflection, time for contemplation and time for innovation. Time to establish creative approaches to maintain my small business in a small town, time to reflect on all the lives we have touched in our process so far. Through this journey of starting a business from the ground up, I have had to develop a new skillset, overcome barriers, create a new identity in the corporate world. While that transformation was intimidating the growth is equally worthwhile. This endeavour has been a significant career shift, (although I was always a Realtors wife,) I was educated in medicine (both holistic and traditional) and worked in that discipline. I anticipated that I would have to become fluent in corporate culture, that I would be more in the background orchestrating operations transitioning to an office manager role. I see people get keys, sign documents, or drop off deposits, but I am not hands-on with our clients in the field. Sometimes the clients are just a file number I never actually see in the flesh. Reflecting on my purpose for starting this business, understandably to succeed, I also debate what is my greater intention for my role? Since the internal systems of my office are now established and, the learning curve has stabilized, I slide up the scale of ambitions and contemplate what my higher potential in this position can be, above conventional managerial tasks. I zoom-out and focus my aperture on the wider vision.

Observing from my perch on the sidelines, and without judgement, I can verify the business of “Real Estate” is an incredibly intimate dynamic. I see Realtors as not only keepers of the market but conductors of relationships within it. At the end of the day sales come down to agreement, a concept that is distinctly complex, but theres also another unseen element other than dollars and cents- its what the sale represents. The years invested, the memories created, the hustle of the start-up, the familiar sound of the last step creaking on the way up, or the smells of moms cooking soaked into the walls. Realtors are tasked setting an unemotional price with all the invisible sentimental value at stake. I have witnessed the sensitive journey of the couple who stick built their home before permits were invented, the ones who spent 50 years in that nest they created together. To confess and accept they must sell- that process is preciously tender. You get the particulars of financial hardships, the disease that created a vacancy, the fragmented family that after all, admits its time to sever ties. This business mandatorily comes with the highest form of conscientiousness, a discretion not everyone obtains, to considerately pilot these circumstances. It can be heart wrenching on one side of the transaction, and on the other side: renewal. Inevitably, the circle of life- “one man’s junk, another’s treasure”, or the young couple beginning their family is there to repeat the cycle, pick up where you left off establishing their own biome within your ecosystem- such polarizing events. I was worried when I made the decision to leave doula work, and pursue this industry, I would miss my purpose- the passion- but I now see that I am still ushering a transition, just playing an alternate role in a unique occasion of life. The arrangements that flow onto my desk and through my office are not just file numbers. Each agreement is a unique entanglement of interconnectedness. I designed this space not just to execute obligatory duties but, crafted to hold delicate space as clients move through some of life’s greatest sentimental shifts. That is the heart, and something I am truly proud of conceiving, even though I am not on the frontlines. And while becoming a Realtor is appealing, and a concept I have seriously considered, it is not fundamentally logical in my circumstance. However, I too need to bond with our clients in an intrinsically fulfilling way other than the odd social media comment.

Spring is about new life, and it just so happens its our business “New Year,” my goals for this subsequent lap around the track are nuanced- not only focused on building momentum on the balance sheet, but to build core-value momentum alongside, to advance full circle. I recognize that I was ultimately provoked to begin this endeavor to indulge my creativity, as well as unite with my Hometown in a meaningful way, that theory remains unwavering. As I reflect on the moments that have brought me the most joy and revisit some of the initial projects not yet brought into fruition, I’m excited to recalibrate and bring some energy back into these other facets, rewiring untapped potential, recommitting to pointing my arrow along that trajectory. Donating to various events, clubs/groups, and charities- the ability to give-back liberally has been profoundly rewarding, and I strategize on enhancing my pledge of encouraging our community in this way. I self-diagnose reciprocally beneficial; I am eternally grateful for the potential to further pursue charitability. Additionally, I will be launching a blog as my special and personal contribution to our website, an opening to convey my genuine self to our audience, inviting in sincere rapport. My shifted “Why:” to cultivate and intertwine more heartfelt contributions while simultaneously achieving and developing my professional ability. I look forward to engaging with open-minded community, both online and in person, for both our place on main-street and our place on the internet to be more inspiring, not only focused on sales and advertising. To weave these aspects together feels like my True North, moving forward aligned, I’m eager to see how this process, and the opportunities to come will unquestionably progress me as a person. Thank-you for being here, I can’t wait to see where this is going to go.


Louise on Mar 2, 2023 6:43 PM posted:
Oh wow!! That really tugs on the heartstrings!
Seanna on Mar 2, 2023 6:54 PM posted:
Loved reading this & can't wait to read what else you write in the future!
Camille Landry on Mar 2, 2023 8:25 PM posted:
Beautifully written and profoundly insightful: "I now see that I am still ushering a transition, just playing an alternate role in a unique occasion of life". To be anchored in a sincere sense of "why" is essential in allowing genuine care and attention to what matters in any line of work. May your heart always be the guiding voice in navigating the waters of personal and professional development as you embark on this journey of self-discovery. With love today and always, Camille
Aaron Reid on Mar 2, 2023 10:37 PM posted:
‘ “Why:” to cultivate and intertwine more heartfelt contributions while simultaneously achieving and developing my professional ability.’ So important to know our “why” these days. And you deliver it so well. Thanks for the genuine peek into your business/life, and sparking a little more creativity and consciousness in my own.
Stacy on Mar 13, 2023 10:29 AM posted:
Wow - your way with words is a true gift and I look forward to hearing more from you. I really resonate with “because I am enough for me. I intuitively feel its time to “trust- fall” into the ethers…” Thanks for sharing and for showing up in this space.

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